Collection: eDesign Kits

What's Included

Full Design & Layout

Get complete moodboards and photorealistic renderings (designed by professional and experienced interior designers) of every space along with floor plans and suggested layouts to help visualize furniture and flow.  

Complete Product List

Receive an excel spreadsheet that has all paint codes and the on average 100 curated products by our expert design team. From wallpaper, artwork, furniture, rugs and lighting, we have selected all of the products to give you a completely designed space.

Exclusive design time

Included in the Full Package Kit are two hours of dedicated Zoom time with our team. Learn from the designers at Studio 790 Kids and utilize our expertise however you need!

Notes, Tips, & Suggestions

Get over 50 design tips and advice from our design team, specific to each room in the eDesign kit. Also, you will get a design editorial statement to fully encapsulate the aesthetic of your unique daycare.